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York County and York City Home Improvement Program

The Home Improvement Program (HIP) provides financial and technical assistance to income-eligible resident homeowners in York County and York City who need to make necessary home repairs.  At this time, the office is closed to the public, but staff can be reached by calling the York County Planning Commission office, 717-771-9870.

There are grant funds and loan funds available for County residents.  In the City, only loan funds are available.

  • Grants do not have to be repaid.
  • Loans have to be repaid, but not right away – they are 0% interest and deferred.  A mortgage in the amount of the loan is filed against the property for security.  The deed to your property remains in your name and is not transferred to the County or the City.
  • As long as the program participant remains the occupant and owner of the property, no repayment is required and no interest is charged.
  • When the property is sold or transferred in any way or it ceases to be residence of the program participant, the full balance on the loan becomes due and payable to the County of York or the City of York.

Eligible housing repairs include correcting substandard conditions, handicapped accessibility improvements, and connections and hookup fees for new sanitary sewer and water systems. The goal of the Home Improvement Program is to help you bring your home into standard condition.

Eligible homeowners must have annual household incomes at or below limits set by the Federal government. To see the income limits, check out www.ycpc.org/328/Home-Improvement-Program  Home Improvement Program (HIP) Brochure (PDF).  Or, call the York County Planning Commission at 717-771-9870.

York County and City Weatherization Assistance

The Weatherization Program helps low-income renters and homeowners to reduce heating and cooling costs in their homes.  No repayment is required for the services provided and no liens are filed on the property. At this time, the office is closed to the public, but staff can be reached by calling the York County Planning Commission office, 717-771-9870 and selecting Option 1 Weatherization.

Eligible housing repairs include improvements to the energy efficiency of the apartment or home, and help to ensure health and safety. Priority is given to the elderly, people with disabilities, and families with children.

Eligible participant in the program have annual incomes at or below limits set by the program.

See www.ycpc.org/196/Weatherization-Assistance  Weatherization Assistance Program FAQ (PDF) for more information on the program and the low-income limits.

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