YoCo Helps: Allegheny York Steps Up in Time of Crisis

by | Apr 2, 2020 | News

Since 1972, Allegheny York has been a leading distributor of high quality hydraulic & pneumatic seals, gaskets, packings & components for commercial, industrial and military applications. Located in Manchester, York County, they’ve been dedicated to customers, and the community.

When COVID-19 struck our community, and the world, Allegheny York stepped up. They prototyped the N95 face shields, a tool beyond valuable in the healthcare industry right now. It takes only a few minutes to manufacture one shield, and they are able to produce hundreds to a thousand a day. “With more manpower, we can make thousands a day,” explained Elisha Weir, Vice President of Business Development for the company. Once they have the commitments to produce bulk orders, they are ready to get to work.

“We felt like we wanted to be part of the help in our community,” said Weir. “We have the capacity to manufacture them and the tools to do it. Why not help!? We have many family members in the health care system and we see there is a need and we wanted to make a solution.”

She also shared it’s a scary time to be in businesses, and the employees are helping follow the guidelines and stay healthy. “Team work makes the dream work!” she added. Weir has a special teammate with her, “Shout out to my husband Aaron Weir for being a strong and pushing through the engineering part of this while helping me run a company. He is a Veteran and I am super proud of him!”

To learn more about Allegheny York: website and Facebook.

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