COVID-19 in Context of Pandemic History and Recovery (Webinar 5.11)

by | May 1, 2020 | News, Webinar

Monday, May 11
5 p.m.

COVID-19 Coronavirus is changing daily life for people around the world, but outbreaks of disease are nothing new. Throughout history, humanity has endured countless viral pandemics that reshaped society and spurred innovation. Every pandemic differs in symptoms, contagiousness, and severity; ranging from extremely lethal diseases like the Bubonic plague, Smallpox and Ebola Zaire, to paralytic agents like polio and seasonal viruses, such as various strains of Influenza.

With every outbreak, humanity has taken steps to reduce spread of the infection. From quarantines and isolation, to treatment and vaccination, we have coped with pandemics and discovered cures to prevent recurrence. The toll of each has been catastrophic in its own way, but all have resulted in the loss of life, changes in social interaction, and economic recession.

Join Dr. Silas Chamberlin, Vice President, Economic & Community Development, York County Economic Alliance; Dr. Scott Knowles, Chair of Department of History, Drexel University; Dr. Adam Bentz, Assistant Director of Library & Archives, York County History Center; and Craig Walt, MPH, City of York Health Bureau, as they discuss COVID-19, its place in the history of pandemics, and how we can return to normal life by following the blueprint of success from previous recoveries.


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