Are You Playing Roulette with Your Cyber Security? (Webinar 10.27)

by | Oct 28, 2020 | News, Webinar


You’ve adapted to the “new normal”. You’ve mastered virtual meetings. And you have perfected working remotely from home, the coffee shop, and even the local park. A shift in workflow like this usually takes months or years to put in place, but you did it in weeks. So, can you celebrate this as a success, or are you wondering if you missed something?

Asking that question now could save you time, money and your reputation in the future.

Join the York County Economic Alliance for a panel discussion on cyber security and risk management with Erik Bennett, VCIO with Intermix IT; attorney Donald Geiter, Barley Snyder; and Ron Unger, Kocman Insurance Group.

Securing your network and employee internet connections, updating employee cyber policies, and checking your insurance policy for remote working coverage should be top priorities for your business or organization right now. Using computers and internet connections in ways they weren’t originally designed for opens up the possibility for privacy and security breaches, legal pitfalls, and devastating financial consequences. Erik, Donald and Ron will share their experience and help you understand the questions you need to be asking now to make sure your business or organization is secure and covered for the future.

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